v0.64, 2011-11-07

Minor release.

  • Fix compilation issue: missing cstddef include in src_cpp/yaafe-core/Buffer.h
  • Added MelSpectrum feature
v0.63, 2011-08-10

Minor release.

  • Fix bug when using an invalid stepSize, add error message for empty parameter values
  • Fix compilation error with _mpg123_open_64 symbols
  • Add documentation about creating new audio features
v0.62, 2011-05-31

Minor release.

  • Enable automatic samplerate conversion using Smarc.
  • Improve Loudness feature: add a parameter to enable/disable loudness normalization.
  • Yaafe now supports all formats supported by libsndfile and not only wav.
  • Fix a bug with the ‘-n’ (normalization) option.
  • Update Eigen to version 3.0.1
v0.61, 2011-02-01

Bug-fix release.

  • Fix shape of feature’s numpy array returned by yaafelib.Engine.readOutput() and yaafelib.Engine.readAllOutputs() methods.
  • Remove the use of deprecated HDF5 functions.
  • Fix compilation errors under Ubuntu 10.10 when trying to use hdf5 packages. Add compilation flags to force HDF5 using 1.8 API.
  • Add needed ubuntu packages to documentation.
v0.6, 2010-12-21

Deep refactoring of Yaafe internals and adding new features to improve ease of use, building and integration into other projects.

Most significant changes:

  • Yaafe now has several output formats: CSV and H5. Other output format can be added in the future.


    Default output format is CSV because it does not require any thirdparty library. Use -o and -p options to produce HDF5 output identical to yaafe v0.53 output (see Output format).

  • HDF5, mpg123, lapack dependencies are optional.

  • Use Eigen3 instead of Blitz++: Eigen3 is a template library (do not need to compile Blitz++ any more). Eigen3 project is active, and provide sometime better performances than Blitz++ with easier integration.

  • Python bindings uses ctypes instead of SWIG. No dependency to Python at compile time is required.

  • C++ API, Python bindings and Matlab bindings to extract features using your favorite language.

  • Internal computation engine has been improved: better computation scheduling and data buffering, reduce memory usage and improve performances.

  • Components can now have several input ports and output ports. This will allow building new features based on several existing features (for example using classifiers).


    Custom features libraries need to upgrade to the new API. Yaafe v0.6 component API is no more compatible with v0.53 component API.

v0.53, 2010-06-28
  • Fix an annoying bug on MacOsX: cannot extract more than 1 feature when the output H5 file do not already exist.
v0.52, 2010-06-15
  • Improve compilation, now Yaafe supports Linux and MacOsX platforms
  • Improve error messages when failing to load extension
v0.51, 2010-05-10
  • Use CMake as compilation tool
v0.5, 2010-03-30
  • First public release